Implants are the best solution for those cases in which a tooth has been lost or its extraction is necessary. The dental implant, which replaces the root of the tooth, is placed in the jaw bone of the patient and on it, the prosthesis is seated. This treatment allows you to recover the functionality that was lost and achieve a natural look of the smile.

At the Loscos Clinic we have more than 30 years of experience placing dental implants to our patients in Zaragoza. To ensure success in treatments, we work with the number one implant brand worldwide: Straumann.

The data collected over the past two years put our failure rate below 3%, so the success of our implant treatments is among the best statistics worldwide.

Dr. Loscos explains everything you need to know about dental implants

The more than 30 years of experience of Dr. Fernando Loscos has allowed him to improve the quality of diagnosis in each of the cases of implants he has treated. Thanks to his constant training and his participation in numerous conferences and congresses, he has been able to incorporate the most recent developments in the field of implantology within the techniques and processes carried out in his clinic in Zaragoza.

Implantes dentales en Zaragoza

Returns to smile without complexes

  • The duration of the implants is very high. In general, if the patient’s particular conditions allow it, they can last a lifetime. This will depend on proper oral hygiene and adequate maintenance after treatment.
  • It is a fast procedure, since the new available materials allow to accelerate the process. You can remove the teeth in poor condition and place the new implants in place in the same operation, and in cases of complexity in the following 24 hours.
  • You can chew and bite again naturally and without pain. The implants allow to restore the functions of the teeth that were damaged and manage to avoid a future bone loss caused by the absence of the tooth.
  • The prostheses placed are identical to the real tooth and the precision in terms of placement gives us natural aesthetic results that improve the appearance of our mouth and our self-esteem.
  • They provide immediate results using less invasive techniques that help to improve the speed of the entire process with little discomfort during the postoperative period.
  • It is a very precise treatment. In our clinic in Zaragoza we use advanced technology such as Bimaxillary 3D, which allows us to study the anatomy of the bone where the implant will be placed.

What is an implant made of?

Dental implants are prostheses that are formed by three pieces:

  • The implant: it is a small titanium screw that has to be inserted into the maxilla and that must perform the functions proper to the root of the tooth that has been extracted. It will be the base on which the rest of the parts of the implant will be placed.
  • The pillar: is the piece responsible for connecting the implant with the crown. It is important to make sure that this part can not rotate to ensure complete fixation of the tooth.
  • The crown: it is the piece that imitates the tooth and the one that is going to be visible.
Partes de un implante dental
Proceso de osteointegración implantes dentales

The osseointegration process

To be sure that an implant is successful, it is necessary that osseointegration occurs. This happens when the implant part is accepted by the bone and, therefore, adapts to our anatomy.

Currently, at the Loscos Dental Clinic we have a safety and state-of-the-art techniques that achieve a 98% integration with the bone. In cases that do not get to the first, the operation is repeated to put the prosthesis.


Immediate implants are those that are performed right after a tooth extraction, without waiting for the wound to heal. Generally, immediate implants are accompanied by immediate loading, that is, the implant is placed and then the provisional dental prosthesis is incorporated.

Thanks to the immediate implants we can replace the lost tooth and have a complete smile in less than 24 hours, which offers numerous advantages both aesthetic and functional.

We create the smile that best suits you

Planning and diagnosis 

During the first visit to the dentist, a complete evaluation must be made of the patient’s dental situation.


The dental implants intervention is carried out in the Loscos dental clinic, with the use of local or general anesthesia


Depending on the needs, preferences and budget of the patient, different types of prosthesis can be chosen


After the operation, we have a protocol of two visits per year in order to check that everything is still working correctly

Are you afraid of the dentist?

The process of placement of dental implants is not a painful treatment, since it is always performed under anesthesia and the discomfort in the postoperative period is minimal. Despite this, many patients do not dare to get dental implants for fear of the dentist, this is what is known as odontophobia.

For these people who feel special anxiety when going to the dentist’s office, conscious sedation can be used. It favors the conscious participation of the patient during the operation, reducing at the same time its degree of tension and anxiety in front of it thanks to its sedative effect. In our Zaragoza Clinic we have the necessary means to solve your fear of going to your dentist.

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We work with the best

Implantes dentales en Zaragoza

At the Loscos Clinic, we work with Straumann implants, the number one brand in the world that ensures greater durability of implants. They use surface technology in the design and development of implants to maximize the predictability of the treatments performed on patients. The dental implants of this brand are manufactured in several materials specially indicated for implantology treatments.


Discover our implants

We are specialists in dental implants in Zaragoza and to guarantee the success of the implant it is necessary to use the best technology. To this end, we have in our clinic the latest medical material that helps us to carry out a complete and accurate study of each of our patients’ cases.


Meet our specialized surgery room.

Tecnología Clínica Dental Loscos

Complex cases

There are occasions in which the particular characteristics of the patient’s mouth make it difficult to place dental implants. In those cases where there is a lack of bone or this is insufficient to place the dental implants, it will be necessary to perform a breast lift or a bone graft.

Breast lift is a procedure that is performed when the bone in the upper arch is insufficient for the placement of an implant. This technique consists of the placement of synthetic bone in the posterior area of ​​the maxilla (at the level of molars and premolars) that is regenerated and allows implant placement where previously it was not possible due to the lack of bone surface.

Dr. advises us about implants


Dr. Fernando Loscos advises to make two annual visits to the dentist after the placement of the dental implant. During these visits, an X-ray is made to the implant to verify that there is no loss of bone and a probing to check the state of the gum around the implant.

Keep in mind that previous care is as important as after the placement of dental implants to avoid generating bacterial plaque that can affect the gum and start generating problems such as gingivitis or periodontitis that, in some way, can affect the implant.

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